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Made From Scratch - Jenna Woginrich

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Made from Scratch - Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life by Jenna Woginrich 

“In a world of mass-produced food, factory-stitched clothing, 300-channel cable television, and computer-centric desk jobs, it’s easy to overlook the simple pleasures of eating homegrown vegetables, raising animals naturally and humanely, wearing hand-sewn clothing, or simply enjoying an evening of unplugged entertainment.

Inspired by her growing admiration for small farmers, and her equally strong distaste for out-of-control consumerism, Jenna Woginrich decided to take greater control of her life - what she ate, what she wore, and how she spent her free time. Learn a few basic country skills, she reasoned, and she would be able to produce at least some of the food and resources she used every day.

Goodbye, fast food and Wonder Bread; hello, homesteading. With enthusiasm and joy for the tasks at hand, Woginrich embarked on a journey that has been sone times hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, and always soul satisfying.

in the fulfilling work of planting a garden, and installing honeybees, to the bliss of gathering fresh eggs for an omelette or playing an old-time ballad on the fiddle, Made from Scratch shares the honest satisfaction of doing for oneself, and brings the reader to a deep appreciation for the value of simple skills performed well.”