Spring Pre-Order Sale

Pre-order bare root trees, shrubs, perennials & more for the best price all season.

Order online or call 518-642-3676.

See our Bare Root FAQs here.

See step-by-step instructions for planting bare root plants here.

Bare Root Care Instructions:

-Bare root sizes do not include the size of the root ball. Please make sure your vehicle or trailer can accommodate an additional 10-18" of height or width (many shrubs have root balls that are wider than they are tall).

-Bring damp towels on pickup day! It is crucial that the roots are not exposed on the ride home.

-If using a truck or trailer, the roots need to be well covered in mulch for the ride home. You can bring your own, or we also sell compost material that will serve this purpose.

-Bare root pickups must be scheduled. We will call you when the plants arrive and schedule a pickup date and time. 

Our Bare Root Trees are 6-8' Tall!

These aren't little whips--our bare root trees & shrubs are large, mature, and ready to fill out your landscape.

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